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Shorinjiryu Karate-do

Morning Star Martial Arts teaches and practices Shorinjiryu Karatedo as descended from Kori Hisataka. Shorinjiryu Karatedo is a dynamic, flowing martial art that combines traditional Japanese karate with an understanding of modern body physics. Its guiding principle, Individuality in Mind and Body, allows the individual to develop along the paths best suited to their individual body types, physical capabilities, and self defense needs. It is suitable for all ages and levels of physical conditioning, and will lead to improvements at all levels.

Shorinjiryu’s guiding principle facilitates martial arts growth along a number of lines. Shorinjiryu is an open ended style where there is always more material to learn. By applying Shorinjiryu’s martial arts basics to other styles or weapons, students can expand the body of Shorinjiryu knowledge. This flexibility keeps the joy of learning and improvement fresh for all Shorinjiryu students.