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Vision, Mission, & Tenets

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide affordable martial arts training, using a traditional Japanese approach, that builds reflexive self defense skills and improves character.

Vision Statement

Martial arts instruction and character development go hand-in-hand. We provide this instruction in a disciplined, challenging environment based on the traditional Japanese approach where students are encouraged and empowered to learn.

Martial arts gives serious skills. We will treat its instruction seriously. All classes are led by our head instructor.


  • Provide a Disciplined, Challenging Environment.   We will train students through the long, hard path required to build reflexive skills.  We will require respect and politeness from all students in the Dojo, school, home, and community.

  • Eschew Commercialism.  We will keep a plain, simple school that reflects the traditional martial arts teaching values.

  • Belt Level Based on Real Improvements.  We will teach and promote students based on skills learned and incorporated into themselves, not according to a specific timetable or memorization of techniques.  We guarantee no promotion to any belt level, but will provide the best training we can.

  • Maintain a Nonprofit Status.  Nonprofit status allows us to keep our focus on teaching and keeping an affordable tuition.

  • Avoid Contracts.  We recognize that not everyone is ready to accept our challenge and people should be allowed to try our program without penalty.